Light is very important in portrait photography. But it is also crucial that you feel comfortable. Forget about posing and feeling stiff in front of the camera. Imagine being with an old friend. My process is free and flowy, and my goal is to capture your natural self.

The real You framed into a timeless portrait

The workflow



Write to me or give me a call to discuss things and plan everything out – what kind of photos, which background, how many persons, which date and time...?



I usually come to the clients' office and bring my equipment. Depending on which kind of photography you are looking for, I may need a dedicated photo area or find some nice spots.



The selection is easy – all clients receive a personal link to a gallery where they can choose their favorite portraits in peace – they just click on a heart symbol to select the best ones.



When the selected photos show up in my system, I will do some photo editing and retouching to make the best out of them. Then I deliver the final images by uploading them to the gallery.

My process is free and flowy

Let’s create some magic

This is my first photoshoot, what should I know?

Take a quick look in the mirror to check your teeth and maybe fix your hair. If you feel warm try to cool down to avoid shiny skin.

What should I wear?

Choose clothes that you like. Maybe bring 2 different outfits. A dark jacket can add some contrast and a colorful shirt can add a nice punch to the image.

How many pictures will I receive?

That's up to the client but often the models will receive a personal gallery with all the images and will be able to choose between 1–3 images that I will retouch and deliver.

Are you available outside of Stockholm?

Yes, I can visit you outside of Stockholm as well.

Do you do group photos as well?

Yes, I do group photos as well.

Do you have any more questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. Give me a call +46 70 339 68 22 or write to jens@jensdesign.se


Jens Reiterer, Sthlm Eventfoto – a part of Jens Design Sthlm AB,

Stockholm Sweden +46 (0)70-339 68 22